Moon Terrace Fine Dining

Moon Terrace offers a spectacular romantic dining experience, from Kata sunset view to enchanting fantastical design and Chef’s Mediterranean menu creations.

Come during the sunset hours and enjoy the night with us. The unique turquoise restaurant is designed based on abstract elements from the sea waves’ curvature, and the lights of a starry sky blended with Mediterranean nuances.

Opening Hours: 17.00H – 23.00H | Every day
Reservation: Tel. 076 337 888


Khun Moss (Chalard Chumnual) is the head-chef of the Moon Terrace Lounge and Restaurant, an exquisite rooftop outlet at Metadee Concept Hotel. The restaurant is overlooking Kata Bay with its stunning sandy beaches and romantic sunsets. It serves diverse various dishes inspired by Mediterranean Cuisine.

Chef Moss’s culinary journey started in the rural area of Thailand. Seeking to find jobs to support both himself and his family, he moved to Bangkok at the tender age of 17. He found himself working in a local Chinese restaurant where he relentlessly worked doing every task he was asked to, from delivering to cleaning. With this honest and straightforward approach to work, he gradually climbed the position ladder and discovered his passion for cooking. Thereafter, his culinary curiosity guided him around the world, from working amongst personal chefs on private yachts, to opening up the famous Australian franchise ‘Hog’s Breath Cafe’ in Thailand, to cooking in five-star hotel restaurants. His remarkable journey of over 25 years has honed his skills in a variety of cooking techniques and cuisines.

As the Head-Chef Khun Moss is respected by his team for his attention to detail and dedication to quality control in the kitchen. He takes great care to ensure that every dish is prepared to perfection, using only the freshest and highest quality of imported ingredients from the Mediterranean regions. At Moon Terrace, the blend of the high-art gastronomy and interior design results in a truly unique romantic dining experience.

Chef Moss (Chalard Chumnual)