From Local Treasures to a Global Oasis: The Metadee Story

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Humble Shells, Whispering Dreams in a… NutShell

Beneath the vibrant tapestry of Phuket Old Town, a humble shop named Methee held a legacy. Within its sun-drenched walls, Boomma and Methee nurtured a dream as delicate as the handpicked cashew nuts they meticulously selected. Each shell resonated with the warmth of a familiar “Sawasdee”. Methee wasn’t just a shop; it was a haven amidst the bustling markets, a space where travelers were welcomed and served the finest cashews. Here, amidst the clinking of shells and the murmur of shared stories, a narrative of quality and Thai hospitality began to take root.

From Hidden Groves to Ocean Views

Years bloomed, as they carried dreams beyond the market walls. The small cashew nut shop, once a seed, blossomed into a grander vision. The couple yearned to extend their welcome, to offer a service more magnificent than any one shell could provide. This aspiration took flight as Metadee Concept Hotel, an ode to excellence, comfort, and the everlasting warmth of family hospitality.

The story of the new Kata Beach luxury hotel began in 2008 with its first concept “Resort and Villas”. This family-friendly resort, nestled amidst lush greenery and tranquil serenity, boasted over 80 blissful private villas and rooms. Here, guests found an invitation to lose themselves in nature’s embrace. 

Inspired by its success, a second concept, “Elite” , unfolded in 2022. Expanding the property by 265 keys, this poolside paradise exuded a touch of distinctive design mixed with artistic sensibility. Each element, carefully chosen, and resonating with the love and care poured into crafting a home-away-from-home.

Everything, from the signature pool to the locally sourced fruits and pastries gracing breakfast baskets, whispered the story of their journey. Through each sun-dappled pathway, lined with fragrant frangipani trees, echoes of the passion that once graced the inviting cashew shop lingered in every footstep.

A Legacy of Excellence Reborn

At Metadee Concept Hotel, splendor isn’t just a veneer; it’s silken sheets and gentle waves lapping against the poolside paradise. It’s an oasis that shimmers in the moonlight and whispers in the rustle of palm leaves, it’s the flames of flickering candle lights of a romantic honeymoon dinner.

Within this luxury retreat, sanctuaries unfold: from airy 48m² rooms featuring wooden canopies, to junior suites boasting up to 150m² and grand 3-bedroom private pool villas standing poised at 415m² — each catering to different desires and occasions, while gracefully surrendering to the embrace of a breathtaking 600-meter free-form body of water, reminiscent of Venetian canals.

Should you ever feel inclined to remove yourself from the great comforts of your suite, you may stumble upon the Elite Gym at Kata Beach. This vast playground, filled with pure first-class equipment, invites you to ignite your spirit. If instead, you’re searching for relaxation, tranquillity can be found close by at the hands of skilled therapists, providing some of the most blissful spa treatments in Phuket. Business, however, finds its rhythm in the dedicated meeting spaces of the Emerald Hall, which can host up to 300 pax. Finally, three distinct restaurants cater to every whim. Amethyst, an appetising all-day-dining gem, presents a host of options; Himmaphan Sports Bar offers delicious bar bites and finger food alongside an array of fun and games; and Moon Terrace, a new mesmerising Kata Beach rooftop restaurant & bar, transforms into a spectacle shimmering like glistening stars as dusk paints the sky, and provides an exploration into contemporary Mediterranean tapas and fine cuisine.

Global Embrace, Rooted Tradition

Within the walls of this Phuket luxury retreat, the world converges. Guests from distant shores, drawn by the allure of a poolside paradise and the promise of authentic experiences, find themselves embraced by a sanctuary where unique sophistication meets the warmth of local tradition. From sunrise breakfast baskets in the pool’s serene ambiance, to evenings spent stargazing from private villa verandas or from the rooftop bar, every moment infused with the spirit of their journey, a reminder that even the smallest embers of passion can spark breathtaking realities.

Metadee Concept Hotel is more than a mere 5-star resort but a vision, a hope, a promise. From humble beginnings with local roots, it bloomed into a paradise hotel meeting global standards. A seed that grew into a mighty tree, forever sharing its legacy through the rustling leaves and joyful smiles of its staff, a family grown large.

Ready to escape the ordinary? Immerse yourself in paradise where heritage meets luxury. Book your stay today!

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